Urban Dwellings: A Day in the Life as an Ivy Interior Designer


Principal Designer Tracy Davis and the talented team behind Ivy design firm, Urban Dwellings, walk us through their day in the life as a design firm in beautiful Portland, Maine during their busiest time of year. From early morning meetings and drafting spaces to selecting finishes from their resources library and saluting their local UPS and FedEx guys, Urban Dwellings gets their hands dirty in design and we simply can’t look away!

Photography courtesy of Urban Dwellings @urbandwellings_thestore

With a clear slate and rested mind, we prefer to start our day with a client meeting! Seen here, we’re drafting up ideas for a lakeside boutique hotel. Summer is our busiest time of year, and with that brings a day full of site visits, material sourcing, floor plans and furniture selections. Follow along today during our #IvyxUrbanDwellings feature to see how we spend our day as a design firm in Portland, Maine. And of course, we would like to thank Ivy for making our lives a bit more organized, we wouldn’t be able to function without their design management software! #IvyxUrbanDwellings

After a successful client meeting, we jump back into studio life, drafting up space plans for our next meeting of the day! Trace paper can be found in every nook and cranny of our office, along with drafting dots and red pens. Design is a process, and we still believe the hand can work faster than the mouse! #IvyxUrbanDwellings

One of our favorite aspects of being an interior designer is selecting the finishes for each project. All the soft tones and textures of the season are on display in our resource library, and we’re excited to put them in our projects. The summer months in Maine are the ideal time for building, so we’ll have to wait until the fall to see the finished product… #IvyxUrbanDwellings

Our UPS and FedEx guys are our best friends (although sometimes we think its a one-way love affair, depending on how heavy the boxes are….). By mid-day, our office is bursting with new deliveries. Hopefully we’ll bring them to their job site soon, or else Morgan (our lovely store and project manager) will be out of a desk! #IvyxUrbanDwellings

We’re ending our #IvyxUrbanDwellings takeover with a few shots of our store. As a mixed-use space, we utilize our storefront as a small shop (our studio and meeting space is in the back). Playing host to our favorite home decor pieces, the store is always rotating new items that we find during our travels. If you’re ever visiting Portland, Maine, make the trek up ‘The Hill’ on the East End- we would love to meet you! If you want to continue to see what we’re up to, follow us @urbandwellings_thestore. TGIF!???

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