What Interior Designers Have Learned from the Ivy Design Community


Managing an interior design business is one of the most complex small businesses a creative person can run. On a daily basis, awkward design or client dilemmas arise and designers can feel shy to seek consult, or simply don’t have other design professionals to lean on for advice. Because of the competitive nature of the design industry, the life of an interior designer can feel isolating.

Enter Ivy, the # 1 software and community for designers. Designers who have an Ivy membership also have access to Ivy’s dedicated Facebook group for designers to share business tips, trade resources, and exchange other useful information. We interviewed a number of interior designers who share how the Ivy community has shifted their views to support community over competition and what they’ve learned from fellow designers across the United States.

Lead image by Tory Williams

Ivy Designer Lisa Furtado

“The Ivy Facebook Group has been a wonderful resource for me. It’s a safe place where I can ask business questions without feeling judged or simply find the source of a piece of furniture. Most often, I don’t even have to ask the question myself; I can find the answer by doing a quick search of past posts. This community has made me appreciate that regardless of how seasoned you are as a designer, we all have questions, similar struggles, and are continually learning throughout our careers.” – Lisa Furtado of Lisa Furtado Interiors

Ivy Designer Bari Stalburg

“We connected with a designer who does renderings with Chief Architect, and we have worked with her several times. We have sourced products from other designers if we don’t carry a specific line.” – Bari Stalburg of Stalburg Design

Ivy Designer Staci Munic

“We truly are stronger together, especially with the power technology has given our clients. I posted a question to the community about Chief Architect training, and I received great feedback.” – Staci Munic of Staci Munic Interiors

Lisa Furtado_Ivy Community

Design by Lisa Furtado Interiors, Photo by David Duncan Livingston

Ivy Designer Liz Goldberg

“It’s like having co-workers who just happen to live all across the country. A few things [I’ve learned] are: best practices, new vendors, how to avoid/deal with difficult clients and situations, and planning for markets.” – Liz Goldberg of CAROLYNLEONA

Ivy Designer Kelly Esposito

“I’ve learned that I can ask anything and someone is always there to help! For most of my professional fashion career, I felt the cut-throat corporate lifestyle. With Ivy, I feel like I am surrounded by people that want me to succeed as much as I want them to. It’s been so refreshing!” – Kelly Esposito of Harper Haus Interiors

Ivy Designer Lesley Myrick

“I am beyond grateful to the collective wisdom shared in the Ivy Facebook group! That’s been such a cool bonus – not only is the platform and support awesome, but the Facebook group is just bursting with smart, generous peers that are so willing to share and help. Between the Facebook group and the free webinars, the Ivy community is so ridiculously valuable. Seriously, the webinar called “Break Your Dependence on Retail Vendors” was a game-changer for my business.” – Lesley Myrick of Lesley Myrick Art + Design

Ivy Designer Katie Cooper

“I have learned that I am not alone and not the only one that has been there and done that. I love that everyone is there to take a minute of their busy day to give advice or help source a particular piece I’ve probably spent too long searching for on my own. No matter how seasoned they are, they are so open and supportive. It’s really remarkable and invaluable.” – Katie Cooper of Cooper Studio


Design by CAROLYNLEONA, Photo by Michael Moss Photography

Ivy Designer Karen Azagoury

“I am really glad to have joined the Ivy community as I have learned a plethora of tips on how to handle social media as an interior designer along with how to handle clients in particular situations. I am particularly fond of the Ivy webinars as I get to learn about the trade market and other things that I would otherwise not find out about easily. Moreover, I enjoy being part of a community of like-minded individuals that work in the same industry and that are there to help each other and share thoughts and lessons. There is something to enjoy about being part of a group that is made up of interior designers for the benefit of interior designers because we all get to share what we love to do and learns from each other.” – Karen Azagoury of KAZA Interiors

Ivy Designer Barbara Town

“[I’ve learned] everything really, from credit card information to contract wording to sourcing help. I love that I can post a quick question or photo of just about anything, and within a few minutes, the Ivy community seems to have the answer. Even just hearing other designer stories gives me a sense of relief that I’m not the only one out there going through some of these problems or dilemmas.” – Barbara Town of Town Lifestyle + Design

Ivy Designer Maegan Swabb

“I recently came across a challenging situation with a client and wasn’t sure how to broach the issue. I posted about it on the Ivy Facebook group and was instantly put to ease by so many designers offering advice and having my back. Because this is a creative industry, and most of us love what we do so much, it can be a challenge standing up for the business aspect of what we do. It’s important to remember that our individual expression of good design is valuable while also being supported by such a creative community.” – Maegan Swabb of M. Swabb – Decor + Style

Ivy Designer Lindsey Borchard

“Oh my gosh, where do I even start? First of all, I learned all about product mark-ups which has helped me grow my business and my bottom line. I also learned that “competition” is not a word Ivy members use. It amazes me that many amazing designers want to help and mentor the less-seasoned designers. With the help of fellow Ivy members and my business coach…I’ve probably shaved off at least 3-5 years of costly mistakes because of the knowledge I’ve learned from these powerful, incredible business owners. This part of Ivy is priceless.” – Lindsey Borchard of Lindsey Brooke Design


Design by Lindsey Brooke Design, Photo by Lucas Rossi Photography

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