What the Desk of an Interior Designer Actually Looks Like


As an interior designer, your office is your haven. A place where you can add a little style, a little clutter, and your must-haves to get through the day. Whether you sit in a classic office, or create an office space for yourself at home, you value your sacred workspace and appreciate it for all its function and quirks.

Let’s be honest, this industry is messy, very messy, and an interior designer’s workspace certainly reflects that. As much as we strive to maintain Pinterest-perfect spaces, clutter, fabric swatches and chachkies seem to get in the way – and we salute you!
Take a look at what the desk of an Ivy interior designer actually looks like.

Michelle Beamer of MB Interiors

“Among the many things I can’t live without, I would have to say that my sketchbook is number 1. My husband and I recently re-did this little nook, built the desk and shelves, and I painted the “wallpaper” with gold paint. I love how it turned out and it’s a pleasure to work in a new space!”

Michelle Beamer's Desk

Photo courtesy of Michelle Beamer

Pamela Sandall of Pamela Sandall Design

“It’s cluttered with my computer, catalogs, tile samples, client files and fabric swatches. Oh yes, and my cat!”

Pamela Sandall's Desk

Photo courtesy of Pamela Sandall

Jesssica Tollman of Jessica Tollman Interiors

“I love the practicality of this antique gate leg farm table. At 30” high, the added height is perfection for using my computer (saves my back and my wrists!) and at 21” deep, it is narrow enough to live happily on a wall in our family room. Looking out the window is an added bonus – I draw so much inspiration from nature. I really can’t live without flowers or a plant on my desk, it just makes me about a thousand times happier while I work! Although, so do the little clay elephant and the perfect paperclip dish made by my daughter and son – I could never live without those either!”

Jessica Tollman's Desk

Photo courtesy of Jesssica Tollman

Shelly Gerritsma of Canter Lane Interiors

“I can’t live without NPR streaming while I work. From Ted Radio hour to On Point, there’s always a great program to keep me going during a long work day.”

Shelly Gerritsma's Desk

Photo courtesy of Shelly Gerritsma

Ricci Jackson of Your Design Partner

“My eyeglasses are always in arm’s reach. If I can’t see, I’d be afraid of what I might recommend. Every important and essential thing is on my laptop.”

​​Ricci Jackson's Desk

Photo courtesy of Ricci Jackson

Monique Duarte of Duarte Decor

“My favorite/must haves on my desk are my iPad, iPhone, fabric swatches of the most recent design project I am working on, and my Self Mastery Cards. I read one every morning before I start my day!”

Monique Duarte's Desk

Photo courtesy of Andrew Thomas Clifton

Katherine Tincher of Katherine Tincher Design

“I can’t think without writing everything down, so there is always a constant rotation of sketches, lists and post-its on my desk. And the most important thing in my office is a giant whiteboard that is my master to-do list!”

Katherine Tincher's Desk

Photo courtesy of Katherine Tincher

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