Ivy features designers are thankful for

9 Ivy Features Designers are Thankful for This Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is a time for reflection and giving thanks. A time for reconnecting with family and taking a break from our crazy lives to count all of our blessings. In the spirit of Turkey day and giving thanks, here are 9 Ivy features designers are thankful for this holiday season.

The Ivy design community

Whether they know it or not, Ivy Members have been my mentors and motivators. When I questioned quitting my day job to start a dream, there was so much support and success stories. I would not have taken that leap without the Ivy community.” – Kelli Esposito, Harper Haus Interiors


The Ivy Facebook Group has been a wonderful resource for me. It’s a safe place where I can ask business questions without feeling judged or simply find the source of a piece of furniture. Most often, I don’t even have to ask the question myself; I can find the answer by doing a quick search of past posts. This community has made me appreciate that regardless of how seasoned you are as a designer, we all have questions, similar struggles, and are continually learning throughout our careers.” – Lisa Furtado, Lisa Furtado Interiors

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Project management

“I am SO grateful for Ivy’s super simple easy to use EVERY SINGLE THING.  A project management/accounting software that’s incredibly intuitive is a unicorn in this world. The Ivy design community continues to be very special, people are so generous and that’s rare in today’s world.  Props to the Ivy team for putting so much hard work into keeping the community engaged and educated!” – Lucie Ayres, 22 Interiors

“Ivy allows us to handle all points of our projects in one space where the whole team can accomplish tasks together! It has changed our workflow from using multiple platforms and applications to having it all housed in one space to easily work on our projects, no matter what phase they are in.” – Lindye Galloway, Lindye Galloway Interiors

The Ivy product clipper

“I am most thankful for the product clipper and ability for clients to then approve certain items! It helps to keep track of what I need to go back to the drawing board on etc.” – Krissy Peterson, K. Peterson Design

The Ivy Product Clipper! Run, don’t walk, and download this feature today, it is THE BEST! I used to manually type in all product information into excel to communicate and manage each clients’ prefab and custom pieces. Now we just clip, send, and can generate custom tear sheets instead of spending countless hours putting together presentations!” – Liz Goldberg, CAROLYNLEONA


“I’m most thankful for the ease and use of Proposals within Ivy. When working on large big money projects a tight clean proposal is ESSENTIAL. The pictures are very helpful.  They’re a great reminder for the client of what we selected and showcased in our Design Presentation. Overall I feel I am sending the client a profession well-organized glimpse of their project.” – Laura Thurman, Thurman Design Studio

When I implemented Ivy, my clients fell in love with the proposals I sent them, in that they were able to visualize options and compare the selections in a consistent manner. Because of the streamlined process, I am able to turn around proposals more quickly than before Ivy, which always makes my clients happy.” – Staci Munic, Staci Munic Interiors

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Ivy makes invoicing and time tracking 1000 times easier allowing me more time to focus on the creative part of the job that I love the most.”- Jessica Tolman, Jessica Tolman Interiors

The Ivy dashboard

“The only thing that Ivy doesn’t do is design the spaces for me.  I’ve been a part of Ivy since the early stages and have watch the evolution of the program. They are constantly adding things that I never knew I needed but quickly begin to add to the managing of my business.  When I’m feeling that I’m not doing enough, I log into Ivy and the dashboard view gives me hope. It lets me know how far I’ve come and if I am on track with my goals that I’ve set.” – Stephanie Sullivan, Stephanie Sullivan, Interior Design Services

QuickBooks Online integration

“There are multiple things I love about Ivy. I wasn’t afraid to switch over because it integrates with QuickBooks, so my accountants were not going to have to adjust to a foreign bookkeeping program. I needed a change because QuickBooks is not set up nicely for Interior Designers. I also love that there is a place to store all vendor information. This way my assistant can see who she needs to contact for which company when placing orders. My clients love having the images on their invoices, it helps them visualize exactly what they are paying for. Lastly, I love the fast, convenient, and caring customer service!! You guys are great and answer any questions I have right away. That was so impressive to me!”– Sadie Beachy, B.S. Interior Design

“Ivy has allowed me to manage POs, proposals, and invoicing on the front end, while my bookkeeper and accountant handle QuickBooks on the backend. Everyone on my team has access to the Ivy system and QuickBooks so nothing falls through the cracks and the books are always balanced!” – Claire Staszak, Centered by Design

Ivy’s Mobile App

time tracking app

Client communication

“Ivy helps enrich relationships with our clients by having the ability to send cohesive invoices and maintains all internal information for our projects. The various features have helped us streamline our communications, deadlines, and tracking products.” – Jessica Lynn Williams, Hendley & Co

My business has grown exponentially since joining ivy. I am able to build trust and referrals largely due to the clarity that the invoicing & dashboard provides to the client. Because I use the product clipper the way it was designed, the clients can see exactly what they are ordering and what room it goes in. This is key as clients can often forget and really need a visual aid, not just a line on an invoice. It has demystified the process to clients and saves me many hours per week!” – Vanessa Helmick, Fiore Home

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