Room Boards on Ivy

Ivy Launches Room Boards: How Designers Prepare for Client Presentations

Per popular demand, Ivy has launched Room Boards, a tool that enables designers to conceptualize and put together products and services by room for new and existing clients. We built this tool in response to the design community’s need to visually and beautifully share product selections with their current and potential clients for consideration. Ivy’s Room Boards is our new solution to simplify the presentation preparation process for the designer while speeding up the product approval process for the client. Room Boards will provide designers using Ivy with the ability to streamline their workflow-having a place to ideate, share products, and turn approved products into billable documents while building a transparent and collaborative relationship with their clients.

Why Use Room Boards?

Room boards on Ivy

Room Boards allows designers to present a concept and product images with their current and potential clients by room. Current clients can approve or decline products directly in each Room Board, and designers can then turn the approved products into tearsheets, a complete proposal or an invoice.

Whether you’re working on full-home renovations or one-off room refreshers, Room Boards in Ivy gives designers the ability to bring design concepts to life in a way that’s far more effective than consolidating screenshots into a Powerpoint. With Ivy’s Room Boards, design firms of all sizes can seamlessly ideate and communicate their vision.

How Ivy Room Boards Work:

Create stunning rooms to present your concept and images pre-proposal

Introducing Room Boards: How Designers Present Concepts to Clients

Streamline the product selection process by allowing clients to approve or decline products or start discussions directly in the Room Board.

Introducing Room Boards: How Designers Present Concepts to Clients

Convert approved products into tear sheets, proposals or invoices.

With Room Boards, designers can now provide clients a better understanding of how all products will work together in a space. It creates a seamless path from the ideation phase to the procurement and accounting process which allows for easy payment collection on approved products.

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