Design by Nykke, dining room table with teal and gold chairs

Ivy Designer Spotlight | Nykke Jones, Nykke Jones Interiors

Based in Dorset, Nykke Jones is the owner and primary designer of Nykke Jones Interiors. Nykke has close to 30 years of design experience and has worked globally. 

How did you get started in design? 

It all began whilst at college studying textiles. I began doing window and interior displays for a high-end shoe shop in Belfast. I loved it, but I guess I’ve always had the design bug. I then began working and training with a small design company 1991 and it simply grew from there. 

I ended up moving to the USA in Florida and continued doing interior design there. I really grew in my knowledge and applications whilst there. I came back to Ireland and set up my own design firm, Bloomsbury Interiors in 1995. That was a fantastic experience. One of the hardest things I’ve ever done but also the best! 

I ended up back in America again in Charleston, for 5 years, and again the interiors in the USA was incredible. But I returned to the UK in 2006 and continued with design; albeit with commercial office space and ended up going back to university to complete my degree in Interior Architecture and Design in 2010. 

I then began Nykke Jones Interiors, and the rest is history. I’ve been in Dorset almost 14 

years, and I love it here. I raised my son here and he’s now off to university in Bristol. 

What was one of your favourite projects to work on?

That’s a difficult one to answer, as I’ve loved working on all of my projects. But one that stands out because it was so different, is a simple island home up on a hill in Eleuthera Island in the Caribbean. 

It was a manic quick turnaround for the client who had bought the beach property and wanted it ready for the summer vacation for his family. So the whole team got to work designing the house, and sourcing everything they needed to move in. The theme of course was coastal, and it was fabulous! Rustic and groovy. A place to really just kick back. 

That was fun, I can tell you, organising the delivery of two containers of goods, and getting it all through customs at Miami. The last boat to get it all there had to do two trips as it wasn’t big enough to take the two containers. It took just a week to get it all set up when we got there. 

The highlight was a cute gazebo overlooking the cliff top out towards the beach. We decided to paint it hot pink, both inside and outside, including the roof; so that when the client flew over the house to land, he would see the gazebo from the air. It was a fun design element and it really suited the surroundings. It became the talk of the island. 

What is most challenging in your work? 

All projects are challenging in their own sweet way. But ultimately it’s about managing people’s 

expectations, and most of all, managing the trades. If they work with you and with 

each other well, then were onto a winner! 

What feedback do you love receiving from clients? 

Any positive feedback is wonderful. When clients are genuinely happy with the work, I’m delighted! When they recognise my integrity and commitment to their project, it’s so very heartfelt and rewarding. 

But basically, if they’re happy, I’m happy! 

Why did you choose Ivy for your business management needs?

Discovering Ivy has completely changed the way I run my business. I was always quite organised, but this takes it to a different level for me. The projects are managed and tracked with such ease and professionalism for my clients it’s just incredible. 

Its allowed me to focus on the design instead of the admin as the admin is now so much more efficient to manage. It’s the best money I spend each month and is a no brainer to anyone out there running their own design firm. 

It keeps it all so professional and unified for the client /designer relationship. Sending proposals and invoices is a cinch and requesting payment is easy. 

What are your favourite Ivy features?

I love love love the time billing. This was an area that I have always struggled to keep track off. Ivy has made it so easy for me and with the app I can add time billing quickly while I’m away from my desk. 

The clipper is also super for gathering all the specs I need when sourcing and specifying for a project. It’s all really rather awesome! 

What advice would you give an Ivy rookie? 

Honestly, just take your time with it. Play around with the functions and you’ll get to realise the areas that you’ll use on a daily basis for your style of working. 

The good part is you don’t have to use every element of the system to benefit from it. And in time you’ll add new processes when your confidence grows using it.

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