Ivy is Now Available in Canada, the UK, and Australia

Ivy is Now Available in Canada, the UK, and Australia

Dear Ivy Designers and the Interior Design Community,

Since launching Ivy three years ago, Ivy has become the leading business and project management platform for design professionals in the United States, allowing designers to more effectively manage, organize, and grow their businesses.

With thousands of designers successfully using Ivy to manage their businesses in the U.S., we’re determined to transcend borders and make Ivy the business management solution for international design professionals as well. Per popular demand, Ivy has launched in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, expanding our ability to improve the workflow of designers around the world.

There are still designers out there running their businesses on pen and paper. Now, more than ever, design professionals are ready to change their habits and are open to explore the modern ways to run their businesses more productively and efficiently. We will focus on carefully learning the intricacies of each market and on cultivating local communities, while delivering the same quality of service, resources, events, and educational content we provide to our existing user base.

Taking one step at a time, we’ve come a long way

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been three years since we first launched Ivy in the United States. We started off with just a handful of San Francisco-based designers who gave our product and development team insights into what features they liked, what features they didn’t like, and what features were clearly missing that were critical for their productivity. We’re eternally grateful for our pioneer group of users who paved the way – who were, and continue to be, so patient and generous with their time. Our group of early adopters very quickly turned into a vibrant professional network of thousands of firms who inspire us each and every day to improve our platform and service.

From day one, it’s been Ivy’s mission to provide tools and resources that strengthen business success and community for home professionals. In less than three years, Ivy now arms thousands of design firms with a modern solution to streamline and automate their workflow and business operations including procurement, client billing, vendor purchasing, and time tracking. Across the United States, design firms of all shapes and sizes are experiencing profound improvements in the way they are running their businesses in Ivy.

Ivy is a platform built for the way designers want to work today — from sourcing products online, to digitally collecting payments from clients, to virtually interacting with fellow design professionals. From well-seasoned designers in business for 20+ years to the new designer fresh out of school, professionals are thriving in Ivy.

A melting pot of exceptional service

Over the past few months, we’ve prioritized recruiting talented and dedicated people to join our team who have a thorough understanding of the home and remodeling industry. We looked everywhere from Niagara Falls, Sydney’s beautiful beaches, and even the banks of the River Thames. We’ve created new teams that are well-equipped to support design professionals, no matter where they are based.

What’s next?

We’re dedicated to bringing the power of Ivy to international waters. Our agile team has worked diligently to ensure that designers in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia can access Ivy’s core functionalities. As we continue to scale, we promise to work relentlessly to ensure Ivy is the platform and community our users need it to be.

Much love & gratitude,
Alex Schinasi and Lee A. Rotenberg, Co-Founders of Ivy

Ivy is the leading business management platform and community helping home professionals streamline their businesses by providing the technology, resources, and support they need to thrive. To learn more about Ivy, schedule a demo with an Ivy Guru who can show you how designers use Ivy to streamline their workflow and make more time for what they love, design.