Our Quickbooks online specialist

Meet Andie, our QuickBooks Online specialist and your new BFF

Trying to manage your design business is challenging enough without accounting. You’re a designer, not a bookkeeper, we get it. That’s why we have a QuickBooks Online specialist.

We sat down with Andie, our very own Ivy QuickBooks superstar for some answers and tips that will put your fears to rest. Check out the interview below.

What exactly do you do at Ivy?

I am responsible for providing Ivy members with dedicated QuickBooks support. I help designers with things like basic accounting questions, integration, mapping and more. Really, I’m here to make sure our designers have the emotional and technical support they need to get their Ivy-QuickBooks integration in order so they can focus less on the numbers, and more on what they love, designing.  

Do most designers manage their QuickBooks account?


It’s about 50/50. Some designers prefer to manage QuickBooks on their own while others have a dedicated employee on their team or an accountant who works with QuickBooks.

Can designers connect you to their accountant?


Absolutely, designers connect me with their accountants all the time!

 How can our designers contact you?

Designers can always email me with questions, they can even schedule dedicated calls if they would like to meet for an in-depth session.

One-on-one sessions? How does that work?

Designers who need help can schedule a one-on-one call with me through Calendly. The call is a dedicated 30-minute session. The content of the call varies according to the needs of the designer. I usually share my screen and walk them through their questions plus give them my best practices recommendations.

What are the typical things you cover on your one-on-ones?


I get a lot of questions about the actual sync and the mapping. Questions like “ if I make edits in Ivy are those going to go over to QuickBooks? Or “how does the mapping work?” I explain how the categories tie into QuickBooks and give my suggestions on how to efficiently map. Sometimes I’ll go over how the payments, proposals, deposits, and retainers sync over.
Often times I review the credit card processing fees, how to record them and how they feed over to QuickBooks.

What are some QuickBooks challenges you help Ivy members overcome?


With designers that are new to QuickBooks I focus on 3 major challenges:

    • Helping them to understand how products and categories work.
    • Making sure the mapping is done correctly.
  • Understanding Income and expense accounts.

What should designers NOT do?

Honestly, the integration is not complicated. If done correctly the data from Ivy should sync perfectly. However, I do recommend to avoid deleting items from QuickBooks because this often results in errors.

Why do designers like the integration?

Everyone loves that everything syncs over. It really works well and it prevents them from having to waste time because they don’t have to enter their information twice, they work out of Ivy. A lot of the designers love the integration because of the ability to edit and update on Ivy. Plus, they have peace of mind knowing their transactions and payments automatically updates.  

*For QuickBooks questions and online support reach out to your dedicated account manager today to see if you are eligible for QBO support