Why Your Business Needs the Aussie Ivy Community

The Ivy Community is an exclusive Facebook group for Ivy members. It’s a safe space for designers to share challenges, concerns and ideas. 

In this unique, open space, without concerns about competition, designers share and gain priceless insights from the community.

Ivy’s community is proof that by breaking the barriers of competition and instead, coming together as a community, our businesses can thrive.

Your business stands to benefit from these 4 aspects of the Australian Ivy Community:

1. Get answers to any question

The community has become a central hub for a unique knowledge exchange. It’s this open exchange of information that allows businesses to grow and designers to help their peers in a way that never existed before.  

This is a unique opportunity to talk to others about how they grew their bottom line, how they charge clients, how they structure markups, how they deal with difficult clients, how they navigate blunders, and so much more.

Lindsey Borchard of Lindsey Brooke Design shares, “I’ve probably shaved off at least 3-5 years of costly mistakes because of the knowledge I’ve learned from these powerful, incredible business owners. This part of Ivy is priceless.” 

Designers share their experiences and knowledge in the community, and gain just as much, if not more in return.

Like when Ivy designer Susie turned to the community for help understanding whether she should continue working with a new client after recognizing some red flags. 28 designers commented with advice and support.

Or when Ivy designer Isabella needed help deciding whether to break up with a client and wondered whether to return the deposit. Shaun helped her work through her decision.

And the time Ivy designer Nicole searched for someone to help manage her Instagram account or advice on handling it herself. She received 62 helpful responses.

The list goes on. 

Take it from Ivy Co-Founder, Lee Rotenberg, “The Ivy community is a free-flowing exchange of knowledge and insights. The more you engage with it, the stronger it becomes for everyone.”

2. Source products more effectively

In addition to being a source of real, candid advice, the Ivy community has become a tool for product sourcing. 

You’ll find multiple posts a day where designers call the community to help find a product’s source or similar products.

You know you can count on the community to help your source any item, any time. The more active the Australian community becomes, the more this benefit with grow.

Barbara Town of Town Lifestyle + Design says, “I love that I can post a quick question or photo of just about anything, and within a few minutes, the Ivy community seems to have the answer.”

3. Create a unique support network

Having a group of like-minded professionals to turn to is priceless. With the Ivy community blooming in Australia, now is the time to join.

Stephanie Burden of Quench Designs says, “The Ivy community on Facebook is another great way to receive and give support as it is a forum whereby fellow designers share stories, seek and give advice. Everyone is very generous in wanting to help one another, as we know this can be an isolating industry at times.”

While there’s a lot to learn from the US community, the Australian design industry is different. There is much to be gained from sharing knowledge and experience with other Australian designers. 

Not yet a member of the Australian Ivy Community on Facebook? Join the community today.

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