Behind the Design Ivy Podcast | Darla Powell of WINGNUT SOCIAL

Ivy Podcast Guest: Darla Powell of WINGNUT SOCIAL

Darla Powell of WINGNUT SOCIAL brings a fun, genuine, down-­to-­earth approach to designing beautiful spaces. Since she launched her design firm in 2016, clients have fallen in love with her work, growing her business almost exclusively by word of mouth. In her past life, Darla spent almost 20 years as a Detective Sergeant in Miami, Florida. The two careers are more similar than you may think. Of course, as an interior designer there are 100% fewer shots fired (well, maybe 99%). One might say she is an expert on the importance of having complete tranquility at home after a stressful day at work.

Her background has carried over so many hidden perks including a strong sense of integrity, accountability, and a ready-for-anything-ness that is key for home renovation projects. Her career transformation was fueled by a need to express her boundless creativity. After endless childhood summers spent rummaging through her grandmother’s antique store, she developed an extensive knowledge of antiques, collectibles, and pieces that look perfect together. Above all, Darla loves creating rooms that are gorgeous, elegant, and soothing. Get ready to fall in love with your space.

In this Podcast, you’ll learn:

  • Darla’s process of bringing on new clients and how she handles consultation fees
  • The biggest mistake she’s made when working with a client and what she learned from it
  • One important tip she learned from an industry peer
  • How to be entrepreneurial in your approach to life

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