Behind the Design Ivy Podcast | Shannon Peppeard of Peppeard Design

Ivy Podcast Guest: Shannon Peppeard of Peppeard Design

Ivy Co-Founders Alexandra Schinasi and Lee A. Rotenberg, speak to Ivy Designer Shannon Peppeard of Peppeard Design. Listen to our entire podcast series on iTunes here.

Shannon Peppeard is the Principal Designer and owner of Peppeard Design. After attending the Harrington College of Design, Shannon began a career in the financial sector, but continued to practice interior design with friends and family homes. After leaving her employer to have her two oldest children, Shannon began her interior design business. Shannon is in the process of refreshing her website that will include an online shop for pillows, and will also include her very first blog, which Shannon is calling “Pep Talk“.  Shannon recently began using social media for her business, which has been rewarding and challenging. Shannon resides in Saint Charles, with her husband Doug, their 3 children, and two dogs, Piper and Finn.

In this Podcast, you’ll learn:

  • How to handle friends & family who request free design advice
  • Why to focus on social media for your interior design business
  • How to build a brand
  • How to break up with a client

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