Behind the Design Ivy Podcast | Stacey Cohen of Mosaic Luxe Interiors

Ivy Podcast Guest: Stacey Cohen of Mosaic Luxe Interiors

Stacey Cohen, Founder and Principal Designer of Mosaic Luxe Interiors gained national design recognition on HGTV Design Star. Cohen received her degree in Interior Architecture from Parsons, and The New School of Design in New York. She proudly presents a model, rooted in her steadfast commitment to value, relevance, investment and quality which keeps projects on time and, more importantly, on budget. Cohen’s design career is entering into its third decade and we’re thrilled to be having her here with us so our Ivy community can learn from her impressive industry insight.

In this Podcast, you’ll learn:

  • How Stacey Cohen implemented a process of designing with transparency and why she finds it to be so imperative to her business model
  • How and why Stacey built a business model where 100% of her clients’ design budget goes to design
  • The biggest mistake Stacey made with her design business and what she learned from it