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Netflix Interiors That Make Us Want to Binge Design

House of Cards Claire's Bedroom


It’s October, therefore we’re hunkering down in our cozy nooks and watching Netflix, a lot of Netflix. But what’s catching our eye? The detail-oriented and transformative sets of these addictive masterpieces. For 30 minutes – 1 hour at a time, each set removes us from our busy lives into an alternate moment in time, whether it be in the White House, a bachelor’s apartment in NYC, a San Diego home with a sea-view, or a Floridian-inspired kitchen. Take a look at some of our favorite Netflix sets.



House of Cards

The show’s production designer, Steve Arnold, is responsible for designing the presidential sets. The production team did get a tour of the White House, but this tour did not include the private living quarters. Because of this lack of visual reference, the production team used archival materials and photos from the Historic American Buildings Survey to inspire their vision for the sets.

House of Cards

House of Cards


Master of None

Emmy award-winning Production Designer, Amy Williams, took on the challenge of decorating the apartment of Dev, a single millennial male living in NYC, played by the hilarious and adorable Aziz Ansari. The aesthetic? According to the official LookBook Williams created for this set, Dev’s style and decor is “eclectic, modern, playful, masculine, midcentury and sentimental with thrift store finds”. With the help of Pinterest, Williams surely mastered the look.

Master of None Master of None

Photography by Amy Williams


Grace & Frankie

Beauchamp Fontaine, the Set Decorator of this San Diego-based comedy, truly tuned into the personalities of each individual character and designed accordingly.


1) Coastal chic for the Beach Home, a much-needed zen sanctuary for the recently divorced Grace and Frankie.


2) Corporate feminine for professional powerhouse Brianna’s office (tuning in Rebecca Taylor’s office vibes with those Modernica pink chairs)


3) Well-traveled and collected for the free-spirited Sol and Frankie’s home. This home was filmed in a real home to a ceramicist and sculptor.


4) “Magazine Perfect” for Robert and Grace’s home, exuding overly formal elegance to mirror their up-tight personalities.

Grace & Frankie

Grace and Frankie

Photography by Houzz



The production team including Scott P. Murphy (Production Designer), Jason Stewart (Art Director), and Bill Cimino (Set Decoration) focused entirely on the details. The story is based in Islamadora, an island along the south strip of Florida, so you certainly feel relaxing tones of the Floridian Keys’ lifestyle. The show’s center of attention and activity resides in the kitchen, so the production team made the effort to make this set the heart of the show. They ensured the kitchen appliances, including the stove and the sink, represented the decades the home lived through.



Photography via Scott P. Murphy

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