Ivy’s Pricing model

Ivy’s pricing model is comprised of 5 project-based plans. The plans range from $29 and up per month. The difference in price varies according to the number of projects you will have. This means that the cost of membership will increase according to the number of active projects in your account year over year, this way you are only paying for what you are using.

Why did you suddenly introduce a different pricing model?

The pricing was changed so that both small and large design firms could enjoy unlimited features while paying for a plan that fits their exact business needs.

What if I subscribed to Ivy under the original pricing model?

Ivy will respect the original pricing model until your renewal. Once your subscription is renewed you will be moved to the new pricing model.

But what if I already have a lot of projects? Won’t I be paying a lot more?

You will only be paying for your activated projects. Every time you renew your subscription you will receive the relevant amount of activated projects in your tier.

What is the price for each plan?

The pricing plan is based on the number of activated projects that can be created within a year since signing up or renewing an account. The cost per project decreases as you move tiers.

How is a project activated?

A project is only activated and counted towards your project threshold once you create an invoice or record a payment. Once your project is activated, it will be counted in your plan.

What if I don’t activate my projects? Will my price change?

No. Projects without an invoice or a recorded payment will not be activated or counted in your plan.

When will I move up a plan?

You will only move up a plan if you exceed the number of activated projects in your plan. For example: Let’s say you are currently on tier 1 paying $29/month. That plan included the ability to activate 3 projects. If you activate the 4th project your plan will be upgraded to tier 2 and you will move to the $59/plan with up to 7 activated projects.

What happens if I archive or close a project?
If you archive or mark your project complete, it will still be counted in that year’s total allotment of projects.

What happens when I renew my membership?
All-Ivy memberships are auto-renewed at the end of the annual subscription. Your plan will renew at the same tier on which you completed your last subscription term.
For example, if you signed up for Ivy on Tier 1, but mid-way through your subscription term, you upgraded to Tier 2 (due to the number of projects you created), at time of renewal, you will be auto-renewed on Tier 2 pricing.  

You can see your renewal date under the “My Account” section in the platform.

How can I see which tier I’m currently in?
You can ALWAYS visit the Account Info tab under “My Account” to understand all of your account details. Here you will be able to see:

  • What membership plan/project tier you are subscribed to
  • Your subscription start and end date
  • How many projects you have used out of your total project amount and how many you have left
  • The cost and number of projects in the next tier

Can I upgrade or downgrade from one tier to another?

Your account will be automatically upgraded once you exceed the number of activated projects in your tier upon the next billing cycle. For example, if you’re on tier 2 (paying $59/month) and you just activated your 8th project you will automatically be moved to the next tier of $99 a month. The new cost will take effect on your next billing cycle so if you’ve just paid your monthly subscription before the automatic upgrade, you will receive the rest of that billing cycle at the same cost as the old one on us.