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Intro to Squarespace for Designers

You may have heard that Squarespace is a great website platform for designers, however, you’re so busy and would ideally like to skip all the trial and error. In this webinar, Yian Quach, a website designer and copywriter, will show you how Squarespace works so you can try it yourself. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

      • How to create a website using Squarespace (a brief walkthrough)
      • Which Squarespace templates work best for designers
      • The #1 technique that will improve your Squarespace page layouts
      • Why Squarespace is becoming the go-to platform for designers

About Ivy

Ivy is the # 1 software and community for designers. Designers use Ivy to create proposals, generate tear sheets, invoice clients online, track & bill for hours, manage payment and furniture schedules, and more. To learn more about how Ivy can support your business needs as a designer, schedule a free demo here.

About Yian Quach

Yian Quach of House Digital Design is a website designer and copywriter who specializes in working with interior designers and other creative professionals. His approach is based on helping designers build trust with website visitors in order to turn interested eyeballs into interested phone calls. He has created websites for dozens of designers and has appeared on leading industry podcasts, including A Well Designed Business, Design & Style, Tastefully Inspired, Design Talk Live, and more.