Ivy Webinar Hosted By: Soft Design Lab


Get ahead of the curve before your competition does. We’ll funnel down consumer behaviors into style and color directions from the top markets. You’ll walk away understanding the trends that are shaping the patterns, colors stylings and materials of the next wave of interior design. Our whirlwind tour is full of insights, inspirations and innovations. Discover the latest new product introductions, color and material trends and get your hit of international inspiration with reviews from the world’s best design shows- all without having to walk endless miles of aisles.


  • Recognize key trends and the opportunities they present to build your business.
  • Discuss new developments and materials in our marketplace.
  • Collect new products and resources that can set your business apart.




About Ivy

Ivy is the fastest growing community and business management software for interior designers. To learn more about Ivy, schedule a demo with an Ivy Guru who can show you how designers use Ivy to streamline their workflow and make more time for what they love, design.


About Soft Design Lab

Soft Design Lab is an online base camp and creative community dedicated to providing advanced education on soft furnishings design and business to designers and manufacturers. Through their live events, tours, online and on demand learning and reports; they combine inspiration with information and education to give professionals all of the tools and skills necessary to master the art of soft furnishings. Founded by leading industry experts Jackie Von Tobel and Deb Barrett, Soft Design Lab builds a bridge between designers and manufacturers to highlight new product, emerging trends, and starts the conversation to promote better communication and profitable relationships.