Using Ivy Clipper to save products from website

Effortless Product Sourcing Becomes Even More Effortless

A Behind-The-Scenes Look at the Ivy Clipper Makeover

Since its release, the Ivy Clipper has changed the way designers source products. The Clipper transforms your workflow by taking otherwise time consuming tasks and making them — well — effortless.

Popular from the Very Beginning

Designers use the Ivy Clipper to source products online and quickly save those products to their Ivy account. In fact, 96% of Ivy designers save countless hours by sourcing products online using the Clipper. 

The Clipper does more than instantly save products to your Ivy account. It captures all of a product’s details and images, saving everything to any project you choose. The product details and images you clip can be used throughout your project — in tear sheets, Room Boards, and proposals. 

It’s no wonder Ivy members love this feature.

Designers Are Raving

Maegan Swabb, Designer

“The Ivy Product Clipper makes our lives so much easier…It’s great being able to shop for a client and just keep on moving.”

Maegan Swabb | M. Swabb Decor + Style

Lindsey Borchard of Lindsey Brooke Design

“The Ivy Product Clipper makes adding products to our catalog SO easy. It’s effortless and something that anyone in our company can do.”

Lindsey Borchard | Lindsey Brooke Design

Why Change a Good Thing?

Here at Ivy, we’re always working to make our product the best it can possibly be. And when it comes to raising the bar in our industry, our work is never done. That’s why we took something our designers really love working with and found innovative ways to make it even better.

"No matter how good you get, you can always get better, and that's the exciting part." - Tiger Woods

Introducing: The New Clipper

The new Ivy Clipper makes product sourcing even faster. Here are just a few ways the new Clipper aids your efficiency:

  • Smart Sourcing works with select sites to instantly add your product’s details into the Clipper with just one click.
  • Highlight the desired text and select from a dropdown of categories to quickly add additional details.
  • Clip products directly to a Room Board.
  • Use the Clipper’s calculator to figure your profit after markup. Enter in the MSRP to calculate your client’s savings too.

We Tested It, Designers Love It

Everything we create is created for you — the designers who rely on Ivy to run profitable design businesses. 

So, we couldn’t release the Clipper before seeing what our community had to say about it. A handful of designers have already tried out the new Clipper and the verdict is in — it’s a hit! And we’re not surprised. There’s a lot to love. 

Designers are super excited about the calculator feature and ability to show the client’s savings. We all know how important that can be. 

Smart Sourcing — the fastest and most efficient way to source products online — is another functionality designers can’t wait to try out. And let’s not forget the new look. It’s clean and totally intuitive.

The Ivy Clipper: Before & After

Get Clipping

What are you waiting for? Go experience the new Clipper for yourself. 

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